The Sonlight's Apollo HyperLed were created for indoor cultivation. It is a new generation of leds with four bands of color that emits an optimal spectrum of light, which allows it to be used during all phase of the plants cycle, growth and flowering of the plant. 


  • A NEW 120° OPTICAL LENS: The 120° optical lenses of these LEDS, allow a greater reflection of light, greater depth and a higher power intensity. 

  • NEW 3 WATT DIODES: The Sonlight HyperLed is fitted with new 3 watt diodes and are equipped with a system of heat dissipation, while avoiding problems of overheating in small environments. 

  • SUITABLE FOR MANY USES: Sonlight's HyperLed are designed to be used both inside small grow boxes and larger grow boxes. They fit perfectly into any environment! 

    • LEDS lower consumption costs.
    • The LEDS are used at every stage of cultivation, germination, growth, flowering.
    • The LEDS have very low heat emission.
    • The LED is an all in one technology. It is supplied with cable and plug and is ready to use, no assembly necessary.
    • LEDS last from 5 to 10 years
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A beltéri világítókészlet LED Sonlight PAR38 Agro Booster energiát takarít meg, készen áll a készletre a beltéri termesztési területen, a dobozban és a sátorban.

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